“I have been using the services of Trade Show Technologies (TTI) since 2009 for the shipment of our show, “Astronomy’s New Messengers”, a multi-million scientific enterprise funded by the National Science Foundation. In these four years, TTI shipped for us Astronomy’s New Messengers to over 20 museums, planetariums, universities and street festivals across the country, always on time and as promised. TTI is a very reliable company, offering an unsurpassed customer service. As long as our show takes on the road, I will keep using TTI for its shipping.”

– Associate Professor, State University

Inventory Tracking System

Warehouse Management; Precise Inventory Tracking

Warehousing management requires state-of-the-art technology for effective, efficient tracking of inventory. TTI has successfully invested in the best inventory tracking systems, enabling our clients to better manage their stock.

A fully flexible inventory tracking system can be scaled to each client’s requirements. Features include:

  • Secure cloud-based inventory tracking
  • Remote-access warehousing management
    • Upload new work orders
    • Review existing orders in process
    • Monitor usage, low-level/re-order, backorder quantity and out-of-stock status
    • Check the real-time status of sample inventory
  • Advanced product transport tracking system
    • Customized by client to meet specific needs
    • Monitors all products from warehouse, in route and upon arrival at destination
    • All products are bar coded or serial coded for easy tracking, inspection and re-shelving

TTI is proud to offer state-of-the-art warehousing management and storage services, efficiently and securely managing clients’ inventory.

Our full-service warehouse boasts thousands of square feet of rack space, is temperature and humidity controlled and is equipped with a full sprinkler and central monitoring system so your equipment and materials are always safe.

TTI can be your complete warehouse facility and logistics function-all under one roof. As an agent for UniGroup, our reach extends to our network of more than 700 warehouse locations across the U.S.

TTI effectively tracks inventory using state-of-the-art technology

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